Thessaloniki Markets

Thessaloniki has something of a reputation as a “foodie” destination. Even Rick Stein has visited for an episode of his Long Weekends.

It seemed like every other building had a cafe or Taverna. The coffee was great (I became particularly fond of the freddo espresso) as was the food – seafood, mezze, souvlaki, gyros – and it wasn’t expensive.

There was an extensive market too. A real, everyday market selling everything from fruit and veg, meat, tripe, fish, olives, spices, flowers, household goods, religious icons and some tourist souvenirs. I love mooching around a good market! Here’s a few snaps.










4 thoughts on “Thessaloniki Markets

  1. I love markets as well (the main one in Barcelona was amazing) and that looks a good one. I’ve visted a few Greek islands and whilst the food was always good it was never spectacular or ever saw any markets like this, one of the disadvantages of staying in the touristy places

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