What’s there to say about me? Not a lot really. I live in Wigan, down by the Dougie.

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    • And thanks for stopping by. Saltaire is worth seeing if you’re interested in Victorian architecture and / or “model” villages. It’s quite different to Port Sunlight

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and have really enjoyed reading it: it eases my homesickness!! Keep reporting on the Whitworth exhibitions – can’t get up to Manchester as often as I like and the Whitworth’s one of my favourite places.

  2. Hi

    I’ve only recently read your blog – I was looking for images of William Scott’s paintings when I came across one of your old postings about the William Scott exhibition held at The Hepworth last year.

    Anyhow, you’ve now gained another reader, and one who lives in the same town as you! Indeed I know the Dougie quite well.

    Finally thanks for your recent posts about The Hepworth and Leeds City galleries – I won’t be able to get to the Leeds exhibition before it closes but I hope to get to Wakefield again in the next couple of weeks.

    Best regards


      • Yes, I was brought up in Lower Ince when all the pits and mills were working. Now I’ve moved out to the fringes of the borough in Lowton.

        I think the rot started in Wigan when they closed Drumcroon and finally the last spark of culture was snuffed out when the Turnpike was closed last year. Now I have to make my own art.



      • Hi Malcolm

        The Council and Leisure and “Culture” trust have a lot to answer for. They seem only to be interested in sport with little emphasis on leisure and no interest at all in culture.

        Compare with Wakefield. A similar town in size, mining tradition and love of rugby league. Two major arts venues within the area – the Hepworth and the YSP. What does Wigan have? Nowt!



  3. Hello there, I was wondering if I could possibly use your photo of the Crown, Lime Street, Liverpool in an academic book on Victorian museums (and the influence of Alderman Walker). With many thanks,


  4. Hi there Dougie – I would like to use your photo of Dove Cottage on the National Trust website – I am compiling the history pages for Flatford (where Constable painted) and have a section on his contemporaries of which Wordsworth was one. It would be nice to include a great photo of Dove Cottage if you are agreeable. Happy to credit you in full and put a little c against your name and send you the link to the pages on the site when finished. I don’t have your full name – only got Dougie at the moment.


    • Go ahead Tamasin. You’re welcome to use the photo. A credit mentioning my blog and a link to the website when you’re done would be great. My name’s Mick

  5. Thanks Mick – I haven’t got the facility to put a link in the credit box – the NT website is terribly prescriptive, I tell you, drives me bonkers. I can put c Mick+ your Surname or c Mick at Down by the Dougie Blog but I can’t put a link to it.

  6. I don’t live in Wigan though I was born in Lancashire and don’t currently wish to borrow any photographs. I wish you well with the blog and look forward to following it. Simon

  7. Hi Mick,
    I’ve just fallen into your blog and have been totally captivated by it for over an hour. I so admire your ability to weave comments and pics into beautifully pithy postcards of places visited.

    I have two personal memories of Wigan:
    the first probably 50 years ago when I helped dig the strip foundations for a planner friend who was building himself a house designed by Anthony Grimshaw in the complex brick and concrete manner of Corb’s Maison Jaoul.

    the second is sad one: I went to the funeral of one of my great lifelong friends John Edgar Turner last year. He was one of Wigan’s great originals, with a refreshingly individual take on whatever subject broached. He studied architecture at Liverpool and my sadness is that he never got around to actually building anything even though a huge influence on a great many first rate designers as a top civil servant.
    His sister still runs Turners toyshop by the market in Wigan where he introduced us to black peas.

    Gateshead (Tyneside’s cultural quarter)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, it is good to know that us Lancashire exiles here in West Yorkshire still have communication with “pie munchers” of Wigan (I am from Leigh, so no love lost there). I managed to cross the border on the M62 and dodge the border guards to get back to see the Flying Scotsman twice!

    • Thank you for linking me to this blog, as you will see above I have had some conversation already with this Wiganer (or Wigin as they say in Leigh). My home twon of Leigh now looks really down at heel and I did an extensive blog about this a little while ago.

  9. Hi, I’m studying interior design and just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for a few pics of local architecture from my home town to use for a course assignment: I wanted to say that its just wonderful!

    As a Wiganer born-and-raised who’s now residing in Australia it’s lovely to see so many scenes, landscapes and buildings that I remember from my childhood and has made me more than a little homesick! It’s also distracted me from getting any work done for the past hour because I’ve enjoyed browsing through so much, so good work, haha! 🙂

    I hope it’s ok if I use a couple of your pictures of St George’s Church and the Parish Church for my assignment please? Your blog will of course be appropriately referenced!

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