Manchester Cathedral Stained Glass

It was a beautiful sunny day in Manchester last Saturday, so I decided to call into the Cathedral to have a look a the stained glass. With the sun pouring through the windows, they’d be shown off at their best’

All the Victorian stained glass was destroyed during the Manchester Blitz in 1940 so new glass has been installed starting in the 1960’s. The most recent is the Hope Window in the east wall and at the end of the north quire aisle, which was only installed at the end of last year (2016). The glass is contemporary in style, but with some traditional influences

This is my favourite, Fire Window by Margaret Traherne (1966) which is at the end of the chapel dedicated to the Manchester Regiment


It was designed by the artist to commemorate the cathedral’s rebuilding after the blitz and represents the flames of the fires caused by the bombing. It’s a simple design but very effective, especially on a sunny day with the sunlight illuminating it – you could easily convince yourself that the street outside was ablaze. The window was destroyed by the IRA bomb that was exploded a few streets away in 1996, and it had to be reconstructed by the artist.

This is the Healing Window, (2004) by Linda Walton, which was installed to commemorate the restoration of the cathedral following the bombing.


There are four large windows by Tony Hollaway


The St. Denys Window (1976) by Tony Hollaway,


The St Mary Window by Tony Hollaway (1980)


The Creation Window (1991) by Tony Hollaway


The Revelation Window (1995)  by Tony Hollaway

This is the most recent window – The Hope Window by Aaln Davis – that was installed in October last year and dedicated in December.


The abstract design of the new window revolves around the themes of hope, innovation, growth and new life.

The window design includes the form of a tree (The Tree of Life) and seedpods, symbolising life and growth, and textile patterns relating to the city’s cotton industry. There is also a bee, the symbol of Manchester and an allusion to the beehives on the Cathedral roof. (Cathedral website)

The statue in front of the window is of Humphrey Chetham, founder of Chetham’s school and library.

18 thoughts on “Manchester Cathedral Stained Glass

      • You were quite right, although I love all stain glass, my favourite is by Douglas Strachan 18715 -1950, and is very similar to modern glass. Beautiful vibrant colours, that when the sun shines through, totally changes the interior of church 🙂 I will have to make an effort to visit the next time we are there 🙂

      • For all my life I’ve lived within 20 miles or so of Manchester (a little further when I was at University in Liverpool) and I’ve been visiting since I was 16 when I started going to gigs at the Free Trade Hall. Yet last year was the first time I went into the Cathedral!

      • I have to be honest, last week was the first time I had been to Manchester and then we went to Sheffield, that was first as well, both were work related. Although I have been to Liverpool on several occasions, husband comes from Cheshire. But sometimes we never explore closer to home, as we always think that we will sooner or later…. 🙂

  1. I love stained glass, but in the seven years I lived in Manchester I never visited the Cathedral! Sometimes you fail to appreciate what you have on your doorstep! My loss, but at least I’ve seen some of the windows now. Stunning! Thanks!

  2. Appreciative of the report on the stain glass windows only wish I could see them close up illuminated by Summer light.
    From an interested poet at the other corner of the earth

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