A weekend in Oxford

Last weekend we drove down to Oxford for a short break. The weather looked ominous as we set out with weather warnings from the Met office for wind and rain in Southern England, including Oxford, but we decided not to cancel. The journey down was much easier than I expected. The traffic was surprisingly light on the M6 and the weather didn't create too many problems. The rain wasn't too bad, hust a few very heavy showers, although the wind started to pick up and increased in strength as we drove south.
It was very windy over night and Saturday was windy with heavy showers but Sunday was a glorious sunny day. And the buildings clad in creamy Cotswold stone looked very attractive in the sunshine.
So although I spent some time looking round the Ashmolean, the Modern Art Museum, the Natural History museum and a couple of private galleries, I took the opportunity to get outside and walk around the streets and through the meadows in the fresh, enjoyingt he fresh air ans sunshine.
I was a little restricted on where I could walk, though. Like mush of Southern England, Oxford is enduring flooding, particularly along the Thames and the Cherwell.
The playing fields along the Cherwell behind the Botanic gardens were flooded (anyone forr a game of underwater rugby?)
Looking north along the Cherwell from Magdalen bridge
And the meadows behind Christs College were badly flooded.
As usual I snapped quite a few photos. Here are some of them.
The Radcliffe Camera
Wren's Sheldonian theatre
The Ashmolean
All Soul's College (with Hawksmoor's towers)
Magdalen College from the bridge
Christ's College
Harris Manchester college
Carfax Tower

The town hall


9 thoughts on “A weekend in Oxford

  1. Enjoy all your posts and especially this visit to Oxford..I’m sending heartfelt Best Wishes to all of those who are suffering thru these Englands horrorific floods..

  2. I managed to get through Oxford twice during my stay in Britain and both times, it was peeing down rain and one couldn’t really enjoy walking about. Thank you for providing an extended picture-show of what it looks like when the sun is shining. And may the rain stay away for a while.

  3. A lovely set of pictures and treatments; but may I make a few corrections? The building marker The Ashmolean is, in fact, the Clarendon Building (designed to house the university press, now offices). ‘Harris Manchester College’ is, in fact, Balliol College. The Town Hall is the Cohen reading Room of Lincoln College and while the is a Christ’s College…in Cambridge the buildings you show belong to ‘Christ Church’ which is a College of the university but which tends to avoid the word College in its title (partly because it is a joint foundation with the Cathedral). Please keep the trip notes and photos coming: Oxford is notorious for having its own terminology.

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