A Summer evening in Grasmere


After a hot day in Borrowdale I drove over to Grasmere for a fianl night in the Lake District. After checking intot eh hostel, showering and having a bite to eat, it was far too nice to stop indoors, so, making the most of a beautiful, warm Summer’s evening I went for a mooch around the village.

In the daytime it is usually heaving with day trippers, but in the evening, although the pubs and resterraunts were busy, it was quiet in around the lanes around the village.

Stone Arthur
Seat Sandal
Helm Crag
Stone Arthur and Heron Pike

As the sun started to go down I went back tot he hostel and sat outside for a while with a bottle of Nanny State and then turned in for the night. I had a good walk planned for the next day!

14 thoughts on “A Summer evening in Grasmere

  1. Always find Grasmere a lot less busy than Windermere and a bit less busy than Ambleside, but busier than Keswick. We stayed in a house along Red Bank Road this year, great views across the Stone Arthur and Nab Scar. Good access to Loughrigg or Silver How as well. All the photos in this post are very familiar from this last week and the heat of last weekend was pretty tough to walk in during the day

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