I discovered the work of Hughie O’Donoghue who was born in Manchester to Irish Parents, during my first visit to the Irish Museum of Modern Art back in 2009. His works often blend in (“incorporate”) transparent photographic images, merging together painting and photography. One such work, from the IMMA's collection, was included in their exhibition Approaches to Paper, currently showing in the Garden Gallery

When he first moved Ireland O'Donogue began producing work inspired by his own family history. Reading old letters and journals and studying photographs, he began to build up a picture of the lives of his parents and their forebears. He has particularly focused on his father’s experiences during the Second World War.

Anabasis, a work in twenty four parts, (2003) tells the story of his father's second tour of duty in Egypt, Italy and Greece in 1944/1945. The Greek title references an Ancient Greek military campaign against the Persians and the lengthy journey home. It's a multimedia work with old photographs printed on to copies of the Encyclopedia Brittanca, which were then reworked with ink and tissue paper.

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