A Walk to Mutton Island

My last morning in Galway, I had a few hours before I needed to catch a coach back to Dublin airport. It was a fine day so I decided to take a walk out along the harbour to the bay and over towards Mutton Island – a small island about 1 km off shore and connected to the mainland by a causeway.

The island occupies a strategic position and so, not surprisingly at one time there was a fort built to protect the entrance to Galway harbour. That’s long gone. Today there’s a lighthouse and a sewage treatment plant.

I walked through town and then down to the harbour walking along the quays on the Claddagh side.


Then across the South Park , taking the path along that cut across to the shore. The tide was out.


I reached the causeway that goes across tot he island. I decided I had enough time to walk across to the island. Unfortunately access isn’t allowed due to most of the island being taken up with the sewage treatment works. But there were several people walking along to the end of the causeway and back, so I decided I’d do the same



There were good views down the bay over to Salthill


and across the bay to the Burren.


The sea to the west of the causeway, protected by the structure, was calm and I spotted a couple of swans swimming on the water.


Heading back along the causeway Galway city was visible with some dark rain clouds on the horizon.


Luckily they kept away from the town so no fear of getting wet as I walked back towards town and then back to my hotel.


I picked up my bags and walked the short distance to the coach station ready to set off back to Dublin.

A good end to an enjoyable short stay in what is probably my favourite town in Ireland.