Burne-Jones window at St James Staveley


While I was in Staveley the other week, just before I set out on my walk I popped into St James’ Church. I wanted to take a look at the East window, which was designed by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones and made by William Morris & Co.

The window depicts the Crucifixion, and the Ascension, with angels grouped on a starry background.

P8102083 (2)

My photograph really does not do justice to this outstanding work of art.  Definitely “worth the diversion” as they would say in the Michelin Guides. (There’s a better photograph here)

The Church is listed, not because the building is special, but because of the window – which certainly is!

Listed for 3-light East window: glass by Morris and Co. after designs by Burne-Jones. Centre light shows Crucifixion over Ascension with angels, side lights three tiers each of single angels against a background of dark blue with stars. In memory of David Harrison d.1878. (Historic England)


There are other windows made by Morris and co. and designed by Burne-Jones in Cumbria. I’ll have to seek them out.