New Years Day at the Hepworth (again!)


We braved the wet and windy weather and drove over the M62 for what's becoming an annual pilgrimage to the Hepworth at Wakefield on New Years day. There was plenty to see with several new exhibitions since our last visit in June: Reclining figures by Henry Moore, sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, an exhibition of works by the “Independent Group” of British artists from the 1950s, an exhibition of works by the young American artist Dana Schutz, paintings, drawings and sketches by local artist Albert Wainwright (recommended by Barbara of Milady's Boudoir) who went to school woth Henry Moore, and, last but not least, the marvelous installation by Matthew Darbyshire featuring ceramics from the collection of the marvelously eccentric collector from Wakefield, W A Ismay.

One of the first things we saw on entering the building was this rather excellent, seasonal paper sculpture of the gallery.

It's by Andy Singleton who specialises in paper sculptures. We saw a number of works by him at the “First Cut” exhibition at the Manchester City Art Gallery just before Christmas 2011. There's a short video here showing him working on it.


Paper Icicles

There were a few new works on display in the First Cut exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery when we visited it for the second time last Sunday.

I particularly liked this paper “ice sculpture” by Andy Singleton that was hanging from the ceiling in the Atrium between the old and new parts of the gallery.

2012-12-16 13.35.57

According to the gallery’s website, the sculpture, 3.5m high and made from hand cut, scored and folded paper, was "inspired by flowing ice forms such as icicles and frozen waterfalls".

It brought back memories of the last couple of winters up here in Lancashire when we had huge icicles dangling from the gutters. Not much chance of them this Christmas – we’re more likely to drown in the never ending downpours we’ve been having.