Drifters Escape


Drifters Escape  2006

This was another work showing in the IMMA Collection: A Decade exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. I liked the colours and the way the paint has distorted and dripped from the bottom of the canvas almost like it’s trying to escape from the confines of the painting.

It’s by the British artist, Alexis Harding. His work

is made by exploiting the incompatibility between two different painting media to create dynamic and emotive compositions. His method involves pouring gloss paint through a perforated trough across a wet oil surface, to create a grid, which is then left to dry. The paint over a period of months is pushed, pulled, squeezed and peeled away, to reveal dramatic scarred and puckered surfaces that when hung on the wall continue to change, and take on their own form, as they slip from the support. (artist’s website)

I’ve seen his painting, Slump/Fear (orange/black), which won the 2005 John Moore’s Prize on display at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool