After the Deluge

Didn’t it rain, children
Talk ’bout rain, oh, my Lord
Didn’t it, didn’t it, didn’t it oh my Lord
Didn’t it rain?

(Song by Mahalia Jackson)

The north of England has been battered by heavy rain for several weeks now. Cumbria being particularly badly hit before Christmas with repeated floods. Then on Boxing Day it was the turn of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Although we got off lightly compared to places like York, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd on the other side of the Pennines and Ribchester, Whalley and Croston over here, the River Douglas and othe watercourses in Wigan burst their banks. The flood defences on the Dougie, a dam built upstream of the town centre, were overwhelmed – water can be seen running over the top of the dam in the following picture.

It happened so quickly. I’d popped out to Tesco’s and took the path down by the river and could see that the river was running high. When I came out again a few minutes later it had overflowed and was beginning to submerge the path. The shortest route home was blocked by flood water.

For the rest of the day the news was dominated about the effects of the deluge on the north of England, with local reports of houses and shops flooded and roads closed. But the next day the clouds had cleared and I woke to blue skies. Feeling in need of some exercise after indulging ourselves for a few days we decided to go out for a walk so laced up our boots and set out towards the Plantations.

The flood waters had receded and although the Dougie was full and flowing fast, we were able to walk along the path towards the dam. It was now holding back the water, forming a lake up the valley. “Look out for the Loch Whelley Monster” shouted out a passer by walking his dog

The bridge over the Yellow Brook and the main path up through the Lower Plantations were submerged

So we took the rather muddy path through the woods on the hill above the brook, crossing higher up the valley.

The rest of the route was generally fine, if a little muddier than usual.

We headed up through the Plantations, crossing the canal

and headed up past Haigh Hall

Stopping at the stables cafe to buy some drinks, we continued along past the car park and then down Sennicar Lane

back towards the canal and Leyland Mill. Then back home for coffee and stroopwafels which we’d bought on Manchester Christmas Market a couple of weeks ago – bringing back memories of our short holiday in Amsterdam in August.

With more rain to come over the next few days, memories of Christmas and New year are not going to be so pleasant for many people in th eNorth of England.

Good luck Latics

2013-05-10 14.56.32

I’m not a football fan. I used to be, but, for me, the sport has been ruined by the money poured in by Sky and the likes which has led to teams filled with prima donnas, mainly from overseas, on obscene wages.  So these days I much prefer watching Rugby League.

But tomorrow is the Challenge Cup Final and Wigan Athletic are playing Manchester City. They’re massive underdogs, but every dog has it’s day! As they’re from my home town, I hope they win. And I hope the supporters have a great day out at Wembley. I’ll be watching the match – although the start time of 5 o’clock once again illustrates how T.V. dictates how the game is run.

2013-05-10 14.56.57

So good luck Latics.  Miracles do happen…..sometimes