A short walk along the Ribble

On the last day of our little holiday in Settle, the weather forecast was predicting rain in the afternoon – the first proper rain we’d experienced during the week. However, it was sunny when I got up in the morning, so I decided on a last walk – a short walk around the Ribble to Langcliffe and back.

Just a short distance to the bridge over the Ribble – this is the view looking upstream towards the weir.
I took the path on the right bank of the river, heading upstream. This shot shows the back of the former Watershed Mill and the row of cottages where we were staying.
Walking along the riverside path
Looking across the fields towards Giggleswick scar
The path turns away from the river, through the fields towards the small hamlet of Stackhouse
There was a short stretch on the tarmac of a quiet, minor road to reach Stackhouse
Some nice stone cottages in the small hamlet
Former workers’ cottages in the main – I bet they cost a packet these days.
I took the path leading back towards the river and Langcliffe
There’s the weir – a couple of men are doing some maintenance work by the looks. They’ll be getting wet!
I crossed the footbridge – this is the view downstream
There’s a large paper mill a short distance downstream of the weir. It’s been there a long time but is still operational. This row of cottages were no doubt were originally occupied by mill workers. Amazingly, there’s a caravan site adjacent to the mill.
There’s the mill ahead/ the water you can see is the mill lodge which stores and supplies water for the paper making process.

I passed the mill and then took a quiet minor road which led up to the B6479 just a short distance north of our holiday cottage. A few minutes later and I was back inside heading for the kettle! The weather had remained reasonably fine – overcast but interspersed with some periods of sunshine. A nice final walk of about 3 miles.

In the afternoon we wandered into Settle and did a little mooching and shopping. The rain arrived a little later than forecast and we were back indoors before it really got gong. Time to relax and do a little reading before a final meal.

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