Sunset on the Knott

So, I didn’t catch the 3:30 train. At this time of year it’s going dark at 4 pm and I thought I’d spend a little more time in Arnside and then watch the sunset over Morecambe Bay from the top of the Knott. I reckoned I’d still have time to catch the direct train at 5:30. It was a good decision.

I took a break for a while followed by a short walk along the shore. Then I turned inland and set up the hill towards the Knott. The sun was already starting to go down and the temperature was dropping but my down jacket was keeping me nice and snug.

Leaving the streets of Victorian houses behind, I walked through woodland and then, emerging on tot he open fell, looking behind me the views opened up over the estuary towards the mountains of the Lake District


and to the east, there was Ingleborough on the horizon


Reaching the top of the hill I walked along the ridge to a viewpoint overlooking the Bay. The sun was beginning to set


The sun slowly slipping below the horizon


Until the sky and the sea were on fire


I made my way back down the hill and after a final look along the estuary


walked back to the station in good time to catch my train back to Wigan.

What a marvelous end to the day.

Over the years Arnside and Silverdale and the Cartmel penisnsula on the other side of the Kent estuary have become favourite haunts when I fancy a moderate expenditure of energy and an easy (usually) journey on the train. It’s less well frequented area than the Lakes as visitors zoom past on the M6. I hope that doesn’t change as since my visit it’s turned up twice on the TV. Arnside was the subject of an episode of the BBC series “Villages by the Sea” and it also featured as a “Winter Walk” on BBC 2 last week. Both on iplayer for a few weeks, I suppose.

18 thoughts on “Sunset on the Knott

  1. Magnificent. I had a feeling that was your plan after the cliffhanger in the previous post. As you probably know from my own posts, I love the Knott and been up there many times, being lucky having friends who live on the doorstep. The views combining the distant mountains with the estuary, especially when the sunset light is reflected are superb. Great stuff!

    • I’ve been up the Knott many times (love the views as you do) but never seen a sunset from there before and after a clear day I expected it to be stunning – and it was!

  2. That is a beautiful spot. I remember that tree with the heart hanging in it from the summer when I was there. What a terrific sunset. It must have been a great atmosphere, then down to catch the train home without having to drive down the M6. I’m pretty sure that’s where I picked up a couple of ticks, but I don’t suppose they’re a problem in winter. I’ll tuck my trousers in my socks next time I’m there.

    • It’s a fantastic viewpoint. On a good day you can see all of the southern Lakes and beyond.
      I could even see the silhouhettes of the Snowdonia mountians on the horizon looking over the bay

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