A short walk along the Rawthey

It was such a lovely afternoon that after my post walk coffee and cake, I didn’t feel like heading straight back down the motorway. Instead, I decided I’d have a short walk down to the River Rawthy.

Passing the church and Public School and a row of colourful cottages, I made my way to the Millthrop bridge where I joined the riverside path walking in the direction of the New Bridge further upstream.

The river was shallow – it would be much deeper and faster flowing after heavy rain and in the winter.

I passed a weir, after which the river became deeper and smoother

Reaching the New Bridge, I crossed over to the north bank, passing the picnic area

Carrying on just beyond the weir

Where the right of way along the river ended, so I cut up along the path uphill through the field and skirted Winder House, then making my way back to the car.

I rather liked the decoration applied to this window in one of the cottages I passed

I made my way back to the car via the Folly one of the the old “yards” which emerges on the narrow main street opposite the market square, by the side of the rather old fashioned ironmongers shop.

Like in Kendal, these are old, narrow passageways branching off the main streets.

This will be my last walk for a little while as the next Wednesday I had a minor op scheduled and I’ll be out of action for several weeks ☹️ (recuperating at home as I write this). However, I have a short break booked in Borrowdale in August, so something to look forward to – although I’m not sure I’ll be up to tackling the bigger fells by then.

13 thoughts on “A short walk along the Rawthey

  1. May get back to Sedburgh on the way home from the van this weekend or may stop off somewhere else. Haven’t been anywhere around Ravenstonedale yet. Hope your feeling ok.

    • I’ve not explored the north side of the Howgills yet or been over to Ravenstonedale. Something for the future?
      I’d recommend a stop at Orton some time on your way up to the van. The limestone pavements around there are fantastic and the walking is relatively easy.
      I’m recovering slowly and finding it frustrating not being able to do much. (Although its good to catch up on some reading and watching films). It will be a few weeks, I think, before I can do any serious mooching, though.

    • Getting there, thanks Andy. But will be a while before I can lace up my boots on and get back up on the fells. Getting some vicarious pleasure reading your (and other ‘bloggy friends’) posts in the meantime.

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