Winter – In and around the Plantations

So, for the last few months it’s been difficult to get out and about so my walking has largely been restricted to the Plantations and the nearby country lanes. Last Monday we had our first snow fall of the winter and we’ve had a few more since, the last one yesterday. it’s not so cold, so there’s a partial thaw which then freezes overnight and so when the next lot of snow arrives it tends to fall onto ice, which together with ice formed due to compacted snow on the footpaths, can make it a little treacherous underfoot. Care is needed!

There was snowfall yesterday afternoon and this morning it was sunny, cold and frosty, so I wrapped up and set out for a wander.

24 thoughts on “Winter – In and around the Plantations

    • Yes, the snow and frost – and even the mist – introduces some different aspects to the walks. I like snow – so long as I don’t have to travel in it. Of course we’ve not had ass much as you experienced up on Pendle.
      I recently bought a book of photographs of Pendle hill which makes me keen to get over there. But even though it’s not so far away if I’m to stick to the rules and be sensible that will have to wait 😦
      Hope you have a good New Year Shaz

    • The Hokey Covid is getting rather tedious – “you put your lockdown in, your lockdown out, put us in tiers and mess us all about” – but being able to get out for some local walks in nice woodland and countryside helps to keep me sane. And the winter has added some different dimensions. But I am missing the moors and mountains.

    • Yes, the white stuff, and other aspects of winter, adds a different dimension.
      All the best for the New Year – we’ve a difficult few months ahead of us but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Yes, winter adds different dimensions to familiar territory – but dangers as well – and icy pavements are a particular concern as we get older. I’ve been taking one of my walking poles with me on my walks to help me stay upright!
      All the best for the New Year, Anabel. It’s getting messy again down here in England (and will get messier with this bunch of clowns and incompetents in charge) but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. take care 🙂

    • Thanks George. Not quite like the fells and hills near you but I am fortunate having some nice woodland and countryside I can reach by walking from my doorstep

  1. I love the snow, that crunch as you walk across and where it settles on the grassy fields that pristine white blanket. Great photos to capture your local view.
    “The Hokey COVID” – that’s made me chuckle this morning 😂

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