Bangor Pier


Whenever we looked out of the windows at our holiday apartment we couldn’t miss seeing Bangor pier. There it was sticking out into the waters of the Menai Strait directly across from us. We could see people promenading up and down the deck and we thought that sometime during our holiday we should go and have a closer look. So, after our visit to Carnarfon castle, as we were on the right side of the water, decided to take the opportunity before we drove back across the bridge.

The pier was opened on 14th May 1896 and is typical of Victorian leisure piers, with cast iron columns, a wooden deck, wrought iron gates, ornamental “street lamps” and a series of octagonal kiosks along its length, which have been rented out to local small businesses, including cafes and an artist’s studio. At 458 metres long it extends right into the middle of the Straits.


The pier is actually at Garth, a small community on the edge of Bangor, separated from the main part of town. It’s often referred to as “Garth Pier”.

We made our way to the pier, parked up and went for a walk, dropping some coins in the “honesty box” for the requested donation.


The pier has being undergoing renovation work in recent years and the far end was still closed off.

Looking over the water, not surprisingly, we could see Bryn Mel Manor. I used my zoom lens to take a photo.


At one time steamers would dock on the pier taking passengers to and from Blackpool, Liverpool and the Isle of Man. But that stopped many years ago.


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