Street haunting in Galway

I was only in Galway for a couple of days. I had a flight back to Manchester from Dublin late Tuesday afternoon, but I had the morning to have a bit of a wander around the city. The weather was a real mix of sunshine, rain and sleet, but wrapped up warm I managed to have a decent walk around, even getting to a few places I hadn’t previously seen. Here’s a few photos.

Galway Hooker monument, Eyre Square
Music shop window
The Long Walk
Galway Bay
The Long Walk
Galway Swans
The harbour
The harbour side looking towards the Claddagh
Street art
Irish post box
Galway Cathed
Equality Emerging

17 thoughts on “Street haunting in Galway

    • Most ofthe Irish post boxes pre-date Independence and have the relevant British monarch’s initials, just the same as over here. When the Irish took control oftheir country one of their first acts was to osinttgered post boxes green

  1. Lovely pictures of a pretty town. Re the post box and your reply to Sharon, I thought it looked old, possibly Edwardian, and wondered if the uneven area on the front was where they had removed the insignia. I’m surprised they keep them, given the fuss here when they accidentally installed an EIIR box.

    • I’m not aware of tge incident you mentioned. Do people object to British post boxes in Scotland?
      Mind you, I’m a Republican (English variety, that is) so wouldn’t mind if the Royal initials were chiselled off a few post boxes – and I think you’re right about the Irish box. Mind you, I’ve seen plenty of green boxes in Ireland that still have VR and other royal initials on them. Just like they have a number of societies with names prefixed with Royal, such as the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal Hibernian Academy. The Irish certainly have a complicated relationship with the British!!

      • It’s because Scotland never had an Elizabeth I, so when the current Queen came in the post boxes up here just had a royal crest with no initials. Recently, one was sent up with EIIR on it and was replaced sharpish. Can’t remember where, but it wasn’t Glasgow. We have all the other initials from Victoria on (mind you, the Edwards must have been a problem. Perhaps no one objected then, or objections were ignored). I’m a republican too and do my best to avoid anything royal related. Not always easy.

      • Ah yes, of course. Forgot we only had joint monarchs after Elizabeth – and us English got lumbered with a Scottish king. 😂 In fact, we have had an English monarch since Elizabeth – they’ve all been Scottish, Dutch or German after her !

      • I certainly have heard that. Crazy right wingers who think we still have British Empire and the Irish should do as they’re told (forget that they won independence almost a century ago)

  2. Loving the tour, thanks…oh and the favs (hard to choose since they’re all wonderful) are the street art (gate?) which really had me looking as it seemed a great window and the other were the windows of musical instruments-what a story they might tell!

    • The street art was one example of some sort of telecom box or something similar. There were several round Galway but I only snapped this one down near the harbour. I’ve seen similar objects in Dublin too.
      I’m keen on music and couldn’t resist snapping the display in the music shop window of instruments used by traditional Irish folk bands.

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