And I will walk 1000 miles


Last Thursday I had an appointment at the hospital – my annual visit to see the diabetes specialist. It was a beautiful, sunny – if cold! – winter’s morning so I decided to use the opportunity for a walk through the Plantations, there and back. Just 4 miles in total, but my first walk of the year.

UntitledThe “70 Steps” up to Sicklefield

My appointment showed that all was good – but I could do with losing a few kilograms – and I’d promised the consultant that I’d lose at least 2 kg by next year. So perhaps as well that I’ve decided to take up the 1000 mile challenge this year. I did quite a lot of walking in 2018 and although I logged the distances of my country walks I didn’t keep a proper log of total mileage, so I’ll need to do that this year.

I needed to set some ground rules. I’ll not count “everyday” miles like walking into Wigan for shopping. But I’ll count mooching / street haunting around Manchester, Liverpool and other towns and cities. I’ll measure my mileage using my phone app rather than map miles, as that takes account of the distance associated with walking up and down hill.

So that’s my first 4 miles done. A lot more effort needed if I’m to hit the target.

UntitledLooking towards the buildings of the former Haigh Foundry – the Isle of Man’s Laxey Wheel was (allegedly) cast here
UntitledA small working foundry on the site of Haigh Foundry
UntitledRose Cottage on Hall Lane
The Lodge on Hall Lane at the entry to Haigh Woodland Park
Lodge has 2 meanings – a gatehouse to a landed estate (as here) but also a small reservoir for a mill or factory
UntitledSome woodland management going on

23 thoughts on “And I will walk 1000 miles

  1. A thousand miles??? Even The Proclaimers would proclaim at that goal. Surely you’ll lose more than a couple kg with that goal? Regardless the mileage goal is impressive.

    • I’m Following your example so if I kill myself I know who to blame😂. Seriously, though, I think it’s worth giving it a go. I’m sure if I’d kept a log last year I wouldn’t have been far off. So if my legs hold out (and I avoid the DIY) I’m hopeful!

      • I certainly feel like it’s been doing me good and my gloomy predictions about not managing it this year have not come true so far.

      • I’ve not done so many miles so far, but I did have a slow start last year before I managed any serious walking, so hopefully I’ll catch up when the weather improves

  2. I don’t always remember to turn on my phone tracking when I’m walking but I should and see how close i get to a thousand miles. Mind you, I like the idea of losing virtual weight. Pretty sure I can do that!

  3. Good luck, Mick! I need to lose more than a couple of kilos and hope to get walking more seriously asap. There’s just so much reading and wine to get through as well and hard to combine the three even with an Audible account 😉

    • Oh, I’m sure you’ll be shedding some pounds with your walking in the Alps – unless you’re tempted too much by all the sweet and hearty treats. 😂
      But you’re certainly right Barbara about too much to do and too little time to do it. Even harder when you’ve a full time job too! But, as you know, I try to make the most of my work related trips to combine some more pleasurable activities where possible.

  4. I’ve not heard of the 1,000 mile challenge and it sounds like a great idea, although over here in Australia it would be 1609 kilometres which doesn’t have the same ring to it!

    • It’s quite popular in the UK – I think the idea came from Country Walking Magazine – you can register for the challenge on their website. I think we’ll have to round it up to 2000 km for you Antipodeans 😉
      I’m not making such good progress myself at the moment, mind. January has been a difficult month for various reasons for getting out walking. Some catching up to do when the weather improves and I’ve got more time!

      • Ha, no thank you. It’s been too hot to walk here so I have the same excuse (the weather) but for the opposite reasons.
        We have another popular challenge here which involves walking 10,000 steps per day (about 8 kilometres). I like your challenge better because you can walk more on the weekends or when it suits you.

      • I think if you did 10,000 steps per day every day you’d have done 1,000 miles! But, as you rightly say, it’s more sensible to cover the miles when it suits.
        I’m aware of the weather you’ve been having, and the fires in Tasmania. We had planned to fly down as my wife wanted to go to see some of the Tennis in Melbourne and then to go over to Taz to visit a good friend and do some walking. We postponed for family reasons and plan to do this next year instead. But looking at the weather and the fires, and as we both had really bad colds and chest infections it’s as well we deferred.
        Hope you are safe and coping

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