A week in the Lakes


I’m just back from a family holiday in the Lakes. Our daughter came over from Amsterdam with her boyfriend (the first time he’s been on holiday with us so we had a compliment of 5 this year, plus Moss the Springer Spaniel who we were looking after while his owners were away on a one week cruise.


This year we were staying in an apartment in Portinscale, a small village just outside Keswick in the north lakes. Although only a mile from the hub-bub of Keswick, it really felt like it’s own place. Our apartment was on the first floor of the building and we had a great view over Derwent Water and the crags and fells on the east side of the lake from a large picture window and balcony.


After a couple of months of unusually hot weather and little rainfall, things had changed and the forecast for our week away didn’t look too promising. However the weather turned out better than expected so although the temperature was considerably lower than it had been, that was good for an active break, and the rain mainly fell in the evening, overnight and early morning, so it certainly didn’t spoil things for us and we were able to do almost everything we’d planned. And the fells can look particularly attractive when there’s a mix of sun and cloud


Having said that there was enough rain to result in the lake level on Derwent Water rising several inches as can be seen in the photos I took of the Millenium Stones sculpture by Peter Radley-Page in Calfclose bay on the Saturday


and Thursday


We had a busy week. Family holidays inevitably involve compromise so I didn’t spend the week up on the high fells but I did have one day out on my own. Besides that we had a couple of less strenuous walks, went out on the Lake in a kayak (me) and a canoe (offspring, daughter’s boyfriend and Moss the dog), visited a couple of museums and a garden, ate out a few times, had an evening at the theatre, visited an exhibition of ceramics at a favourite location and had a wander round a pleasant small village..


So quite a bit to write up!

10 thoughts on “A week in the Lakes

    • I’m not one for sitting still and lazing around so always have fairly active holidays!
      Yes, the difference in water levels was amazing. Although we were reasonably lucky with only one really rainy day, there were showers on and off and heavy rain during the evenings and overnight. And we could see black clouds and rain falling higher up Borrowdale and on the high fells. So a lot of water must have flowed down the mountain becks and rivers between Saturday and Thursday. There was certainly a significant rise in the water level in the lake.

  1. Yep! The Lake District is still on the list. We’ve been watching Penelope Keith’s “Hidden Villages” on the TV, and while himself doesn’t say anything, I know he’d like to motor about visiting all the places as well. Me? I say quite loudly, “Wouldn’t that be a great visit?” For now, thanks for taking me along. Sounds like it was a great family time.

    • I haven’t been to most of those villages myself! There is a lot to see on our little island. But, for me, there’s nowhere nicer than the Lake District

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