A Bank Holiday walk on the Moors

The May Day Bank Holiday Monday was forecast to be a scorcher so it seemed like it would be a good idea to get out on to the Moors. I drove over to White Coppice mid-morning to find that lots of other people had had a similar idea as there were cars parked everywhere in the small hamlet, but I managed to find myself a space.

Donning my boots, I set off initially walking alongside the Goyt towards Brinscall,


after a while cutting through the woods of Wheelton Plantation and starting to climb up the hill.


Soon I was on the open moor land and followed the path that would take me to Great Hill



Passing the ruined farm at Drinkwaters.



I reached the summit and stopped a little while to take in the view and grab a bit to eat and take in the view on a fine day



I took the path that took me down the south side of the summit and then followed it along past the ruins of Great Hill farm and towards Dean Black Brook.


I followed the path which runs roughly parallel to the brook – it was rather wet and boggy underfoot in places.


Descending down towards White Coppice I passed a number of people picnicking beside the brook or heading in the opposite direction to myself. Many of them day trippers out enjoying the warm sunshine but not necessarily well equipped for the boggy, rough terrain underfoot. One young lady was wearing flip flops and struggling through the bogs.


Eventually I arrived back at White Coppice. The Cricket Pavilion café was open so I bought myself a cup of tea and stopped for a while, looking over the cricket pitch


Then it was back to the car, passing the Lodge (small reservoir that used to serve the former mill, now long gone.

P5073100.JPG It had been an enjoyable walk through varied scenery. One I’ve done many, many times. And it was a good taster for what was to come during the next few days.

4 thoughts on “A Bank Holiday walk on the Moors

    • Thanks! More walks to write up.
      Yes, people turn out on a nice and are tempted by a walk even if wearing inappropriate clothing and footwear. They’re typically people who don’t normally go out walking so don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for.

  1. Always brings a wry smile when seeing people out in the hills, inappropriately attired. Lovely photos. Like the green of the cricket pitch with the white building behind

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