Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market


We started our penultimate day in Australia by taking the tram over to the Queen Victoria Market. It’s a real traditional style market, where locals come to do their shopping, but, Rather like Borough Market in London, it’s also a popular tourist attraction. Although, unlike Borough Market, which is solely devoted to food, it has stalls selling just about everything; meat, fish, vegetables, clothing, household goods and tourist souvenirs. It’s massive, extending over several blocks, with the stalls under cover in two large market halls.


We had a good mooch around and, if we had been staying longer in Melbourne, would have been tempted by the meat, fish, veg and other food stuffs on sale. But as we were leaving the next day we had to restrict ourselves to window shopping. We did, however, buy a few things to take home. Some tourist souvenirs, which were cheaper than the equivalents on sale in the city centre shops, and I treated myself to a new kangeroo leather hat.



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