MCA Collection: Today Tomorrow Yesterday


After disembarking from the ferry at Circular Quay, we walked the short distance to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). The Gallery is located on the west side of the Quay in an imposing six-storey building originally built as the offices of the Maritime Services Board (MSB). It’s a late example of the Art Deco Style, having been constructed between 1947 and 1952. The main entrance, reception, stairwells, lifts, café and shop are in a modern extension, the Mordant Wing, which opened in 2012.


I rather liked this art work painted on the wall on the staircase by the Harbour side entry to the building.


As its name suggests, the Museum is devoted to contemporary art, with the main emphasis being on work by Australians, including a good selection of works by indigenous artists.


We visited the free exhibition featuring works from the Museum’s collection, Today Tomorrow YesterdayThere was quite a lot to see and I was particularly impressed by those works by indigenous artists. Here’s some examples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also liked this giant clock, even if it wasn’t showing the correct time!



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