Return Down Under


I’m still feeling a little jet lagged having just spent the best part of the past three weeks in Australia. I was there 3 years ago and expected that it would be my last trip down under. But I managed to wangle myself an invite to speak at a conference in Canberra (same reason as for my previous couple of visits) and extended the trip to spend some time on holiday. This time I wasn’t alone as my other half has overcome a fear of flying so she came with me.


We had a most excellent time over there, visiting Sydney for 5 days before taking a coach over to Canberra and then flying to Melbourne for another 5 1/2 days. We had a busy time taking in the sights and visiting exhibitions. We went to a concert at Sydney Opera House, visited the Australian Parliament and watched part of a rather heated debate, saw kangaroos and penguins (yes, penguins), visited my wife’s “ancestral home”, ate some excellent food and even managed a couple of walks along the coast. The conference was pretty good too and it was also good to see some old friends and make some new ones. It did mean that I wasn’t able to see so much of Canberra, but my wife was able to explore and was even able to get out to local wineries with another “other half” who had a hire car.


The weather was generally good, except for when we were in Canberra when it was just like an English summer – i.e. cool and wet – except for the day we left for Melbourne when it was hot and sunny. We arrived in Melbourne to be greeted with a heavy downpour during the evening but after that we had plenty of warm sunshine.


I took several hundred photos so have some sorting to do and lots to write up here to bring back the memories.

17 thoughts on “Return Down Under

  1. Welcome back! Out of the WordPress Loop but not away from Instagram so I’ve followed your travels and at one point thought you were never coming back but being accompanied by the ‘fearless’ Mrs Dougie meant that you could both enjoy some travelling together in Oz.

    • Thanks Barbara 😉 As usual, for us, we made the most of our time away so didn’t have much time for reading blogs and posting. I also tried to avoid emails. I used Instagram and Facebook, though, as easy ways of keeping in touch with family and friends.
      Writing up what we got up to on WordPress now we’re home is a good way of bringing back some good memories

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