Northampton architecture

After my visit to 78 Derngate, I didn’t have much time to have a look around as I needed to get back on my way down the motorway. But I did manage a brief stroll through the town centre.

This Art Deco style block of flats, Bedford Mansions built in 1935 is immediately opposite the house.


This is the Guild Hall, a very grand neo-Gothic building, built between 1861 and 1864


A little further along the road, this neo-Classical church, All Saints. It was built in 1675 to replace an older, Medieval church that was largely destroyed  during the “Great Fire of Northampton“.


Quite a mix of styles in a relatively short distance!


4 thoughts on “Northampton architecture

  1. Bedford Mansions look so like Kelvin Court near me in Glasgow that I had to look them both up to see if they had the same architect. They don’t, just a similar style from the same era, much more common in southern England than here where it is very unusual.

    • We have a few Art Deco flats and buildings around here but you’re right about being more down south. But, as the case today in the Art Deco era the money was down south

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