Occasional Geometries at the YSP

The exhibition at the Longside Gallery, at the other end of the park from the Underground Gallery, was coming towards the end of its run. It was much more “traditional” than the one we’d just seen featuring the works of Alfredo Jaar. Occasional Geometries, was curated by Bangladeshi-born artist Rana Begum who has selected works from the Arts Council Collection.

Immediately outside the gallery Zero to Infinity by Rasheed Araeen is an interactive work. A series of cuboid structures made of wood and painted a bright yellow, visitors are allowed, encouraged, to rearrange them, with the potential to create a massive number of possible combinations


Inside the gallery, the large open space was filled with sculptural works

Some favourites included

Single Line (1976) by Norman Dilworth


Hybrid Drawings (2017) by Ayesha Singh


Better Days (2010/17) by French artist Flore Nové-JosserandIMG_3130

Soda Lake (1968) by Nigel Hall


and this little kinetic sculpture,  + and – (1994) by Lebanese artist, Mona Hatoum


One of the rotating metal paddles creating grooves in the sand which are swept away as the second paddle passes over them. Continual change – creation and destruction.

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