On the marshes at Dartford


I’ve been down to Dartford in Kent with work 4 times since July this year, staying 2 to 3 nights each time in the Premier Inn to the north of the town.  Dartford’s probably best known for the crossing – a high level bridge south bound and a tunnel north bound) over the Thames which forms part of the M25 outer London ring road (although the crossing itself isn’t officially part of the motorway). Dartford itself is nothing special – just an ordinary working class town. Traffic can be awful though, due to proximity to the crossing.


As the town is within commuting distance of London, with trains to London Bridge, Charring Cross and Victoria, there’s a lot of new development both in the town and on the outskirts to the north. The latter is the “Bridge” development – with industrial buildings and housing estates built on reclaimed marsh land, just south of the Thames and the former power station and north of the ring road. This is where the Premier inn is located where I was staying.

During my latest stay, starting to become stir crazy, I managed to get out for a walk. I’d spotted a number of lakes as I’d been passing through the estate and Google Maps indicated that there were paths alongside the water. So that’s where I went.

It turned out to be quite pleasant and tranquil on an autumn evening. I even spotted some tufted ducks out on the water (too far away to get a decent photo with my phone, unfortunately).


There’s a special bus only route through the new estate (the Fast track route that goes from the town centre to the Bluewater shopping mall). I spotted some art works next to a couple of the bus stops that I passed during my walk.


6 thoughts on “On the marshes at Dartford

    • Can’t say I’ve seen that programme and I haven’t seen much of Essex (been to Colchester once and Clacton, but both many years ago and also once did some work at an asbestos factory on the sie where the Lakeside shopping centre was built). But I’m not surprised there’s a similarity with the landscape on the north bank of the Thames.

  1. Poor old Dartford, it quite true, you do only think of the crossing, travelled over it many times, we lived in Kent for a few years and my daughter still lives there. So it’s nice to see there is still some little bits of wild places left 🙂

    • The wild bits are being built on, though. There’s housing and industrial units built on reclaimed land and my photos have been framed to largely miss them out. But at least they’ve left some wetlands between them. And the marshes to the west are still largely untouched. At least for now.

      • Its a shame, but hopefully they will leave some wetlands. I seem to remember twenty years ago, there was a lot more, but I suppose they have built on,

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