Back to Borough Market

A few days after our short break in the Peak District I was down in Dartford with work. I’d travelled down by train via London so we decided to combine work with pleasure and the other half travelled down on the Friday morning and met me in London for a short stay. We were staying in a Premier Inn at Southwark near Borough Market. It’s a really “buzzing” area during the evening with plenty of places to eat and lots of pubs and bars, all of which were busy on an autumn evening. The terrorist attack by zealots who don’t like people having fun only a few weeks ago doesn’t seem to have stopped people getting out and enjoying themselves – and that’s the way it should be.

We had a rather nice contemporary style Leabanese meal at a busy Arabica , a restaurant under the railway arches on Rochester Walk near the market

IMG_2942 (2).jpg



followed by a stroll along the South Bank before turning in

IMG_2946 (2)

IMG_2943 (2)

The next day, after breakfast we went for a wander around the market.






30 thoughts on “Back to Borough Market

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  2. Great pictures. When we stay at Smithfield (as we are next year) straight after New Year (cheapest time, of course) we easily walk over the bridge to Southwark and Borough Market but we see no stalls as full of colour as in your photos. Most are depleted or still closed anyway recovering from the Christmas and New Year rush.

  3. Yep, I like Lancashire cheese too but it would be good if we could have the variety (of everything!) that they have in London. There’s a fishmonger that I pass often on Essex Road in Islington that has a better choice than Newlyn.

  4. One of my favorite parts of London, I used to work round the corner and used to grab armfuls of food from the market and scoff it in grounds of Southwark Cathedral. Great memories

    • It’s in a good location and normally relatively expensive for a Premier Inn. Somehow we managed to get a room for a reasonable rate. London prices are generally silly. I’ve had to book somewhere to stay near Westminster at the end of November for a conference I’m speaking at. Cheapest Premier Inn I could get was 160 quid, more than 7 weeks in advance. But staying over the night before and getting an off peak rail fare is still cheaper than travelling down early morning and paying £320 standard class for a two hour journey on Virgin (and that’s the only option – so much for rail privatisation creating competition and reducing costs)

      • A sensible option. The Pendolino is a good fast service from here but ridiculously expensive at peak times and from Wigan you can’t go out before 10 and come back before 7pm on an off peak ticket

      • Really? That seems ridiculously late at both ends. Train travel is now so complicated with all the different companies and fare structures. I blame Mrs Thatcher but I say that about many things.

  5. I used to live only a short walk away from Borough Market, and went there once or twice a week (this was back when it was only open three days a week). Since moving to a different part of London, I don’t make it there that often, but I still enjoy going. Your pictures really showcase the beautiful produce there, and I’m surprised you were able to capture them with masses of people blocking your way – usually you can barely move from all the foot traffic!

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂
      I was lucky with the photos. We were relatively early but on a Saturday morning it was still busy. Just quick snapping when I spotted a gap in the crowd!

  6. Great pictures. That meal looked fantastic. Lancaster has a street market again these days, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but it’s not even remotely in that league.

    • The meal was very good 🙂
      I don’t think there’s another market in the UK that can match Borough market. heaving with tourists (like us!!) though, by midday.

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