Street haunting in Glasgow

I was up in Glasgow on Monday and Tuesday for some meetings. I took a train up late morning and when I arrived had a few hours before my first commitment so decided to have a mooch around the city centre. It’s a city with plenty of character and interesting architecture. Here’s a few snaps I took during the short time I had street haunting, mainly round the Merchant City area.

19 thoughts on “Street haunting in Glasgow

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  2. This makes the city look great, which of course it is. I remember your last Glasgow post showed figures of James Watt and Jimmy Reid that I’d never seen before – finally came across them on a wander with a friend last week.

      • True. If you’re here again and have a spare hour give me a shout. If I’m around, it would be nice to meet up for a coffee. Always happy to add to my meeting-bloggers-in-real-life tally!

      • I did think about contacting you but as it was a business trip didn’t know what time I would have until the last moment and I’m also a little shy!

      • Responding to the bottom comment in this thread which doesn’t have a reply button. I don’t often know what time I have either as my schedule varies from week to week, so if I said no it would only be because I had something already arranged. So no need to be shy about asking! And it’s amazing what we bloggers find to talk about,

  3. I was brought up in Glasgow, but haven’t been back since the late 1970s, and I enjoyed looking at these photos very much! One of my fond memories is of me, as a child, and mum sitting at a window seat in Goldberg’s restaurant looking out over the city rooftops and counting the church steeples. Happy times.

      • It’s still in there somewhere, but not as broad. When I’m speaking to Scottish relatives on the ‘phone, they remark how ‘Geordified’ my accent has become, but people from where I live easily pick up my Glasgow accent. I like regional accents and my interest in Liverpool has me practising that one at the moment. 😀

  4. Hugely under-rated city I think. I’ve driven through it so many times, but finally got around to stopping and having a proper visit a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

    • Indeed. Same with me really. Had driven through on M8 to get to places for work on outskirts but had never visited properly until we got some bargain train tickets using tesco clubcard vouchers (other supermarket loyalty schemes are available). As only 2 1/2 hours on train from Wigan getting an earlyish train out and one back after 6 made a day trip viable. Did that a couple of times. Then last year I was there for a conference and went a day early to have a bit of a mooch.

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