Mancunian Rain


I was in Manchester on Friday for a meeting at the University. I had a little time to kill so went for a coffee at a café on Oxford Road towards the Infirmary. Across the road on the corner of Oxford Road and Gilchrist Street, I spotted this mural – a poem by Lem Sissay. It’s one of his “Landmark Poems

7 thoughts on “Mancunian Rain

    • The full poem is as follows

      When the rain falls
      They talk of Manchester
      But when the triumphant rain falls
      We think of rainbows
      That’s the Mancunian Way

      In Britain, Manchester is known for being rainy. So the poem takes that as its theme. But it ends on a triumphant note.

      A Mancunian is someone from Manchester. So the Mancunian way can be taken to mean that’s what people from Manchester do. But the Mancunian Way is also an urban expressway. So a clever double meaning 😊

  1. I struggled with the last column too because of the wiring. They could have shifted that right and not spoiled the poem! I got it in the end – then found your explanation, though I wouldn’t have known the second meaning of Mancunian Way.

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