A Long Walk–Part 4


The final leg of our journey – a few miles that would take us from the Lindisfarne Inn over to Lindisfarne, or ‘Holy Island’ itself. Purists would have walked back the couple of miles to Fenwick and rejoined the official route over to the causeway. However we decided we’d take the direct route, down the road through Beal.

We were a little early as the tide had only started to recede, so we had a little wait before we could join the causeway.


There are two options for walking over to the island. Down the causeway or along the ‘Pilgrim’s Route’ following a line of poles across the sand. I quite fancied the latter but knew it was the more difficult choice in many ways, even though it is the shorter route. It would be difficult underfoot (it’s best to go barefooted and with shorts or trousers rolled up) and we would have had to wait a couple more hours before we could set off before the water had receded enough to risk it. So it was down the causeway for us



We passed the refuge built for foolish drivers who don’t pay attention to the tide tables, or think they can beat the tide.


The island was in view.


We had to dodge the cars, vans and lorries, some of them driving too fast and recklessly and it would have been quite miserable, I think, if it was raining and windy as there’s no shelter. Luckily for us the cloud was clearing and the sun started to come out.

Eventually we made it across.


I diverted across to the Ship Inn to check that my car was still in one piece – it was (phew!)


and then cut across to the Priory, the official end of the route


2 thoughts on “A Long Walk–Part 4

  1. An interesting walk through a landscape that probably doesn’t see all that many hikers. Plenty of interesting stuff and places to see en route and a walk across a tidal causeway is great way to finish

    • I’m sure you’d have managed the whole thing. 🙂 We could with a little more time. But a very enjoyable walk in an area that really felt like it was off the beaten track.

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