Going Underground


The Greenwich foot tunnel under the Thames was opened on 4 August 1902 as a means for dock workers who lived on the south side of the river to reach their workplaces on the Isle of Dogs.

DSC01666 (2)

It’s about 1/4 mile long, free to use and open 24 hours a day.

I took the spiral staircase down to the bottom


and then walked across to Greenwich



No cycling allowed


Hmm. Obviously the rules don’t apply to these guys. Walking back through the tunnel when I was heading back to my hotel around 6 o’clock I was nearly hit several times by inconsiderate cyclists speeding past in the narrow passage.

This is the way you’re supposed to do it


At the Greenwich end of the tunnel I cheated and took the lift back to ground level – to be greeted by this view.


The Cutty Sark

and a view towards Hawksmoor’s St Alfege’s church



4 thoughts on “Going Underground

  1. That was one of our favourite trips when I lived in London. Boat to Greenwich, under the foot tunnel and a walk to Canary Wharf and then back to the City by the DLR driver-less trains, sat at the front!

    • I was going to get the DLR back but ended up walking. It was rush hour and I didn’t fancy being crushed up like a sardine (like I was going back to Euston the next day). I need the exercise too 🙂

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