Silver How, Sergeant Man and Easedale

Our friend Pam from Tasmania is over in Europe for a few weeks, touring around. She was staying in Grasmere for a few days so we arranged to meet up with her on Saturday to go for a walk. We got up early and drove up to the Lakes, arriving just before 10. We’d planned a walk that gave us a few options, allowing us to decide how far to go depending on conditions and how we felt. Although we’d walked in the same area a few times over the past year, it was all new to Pam and with great views, we knew it wouldn’t disappoint.


It was a grey day, chilly and a little windy on top, but visibility was good and conditions underfoot generally dry (but this was the Lakes so there were some boggy patches).

We started by heading up Silver How –  grey skies but still great views all round





We cut across the moorland over to the top of Easedale


We had the option of descending down towards Easedale Tarn and then back to Grasmere, but decided to continue along the ridge and tackle Sergeant Man. We hadn’t made it that far during previous walks in the vicinity so a new challenge. And talking about challenge, there was an orienteering race taking place which took in Silver How and Sergeant Man, so there was a constant stream of runners, as skinny as greyhounds, passing us we walked at a much slower pace along the ridge.

Reaching the summit, more good views greeted us. Looking over to Bowfell, the Scafels and Great Gable


Pavey Arc and Harrison Stickle with the Coniston Fells in the background. The Langdale Pikes looked quite different from this angle.


A couple of orienteerers checking in


A panorama looking over to the west


Looking east towards the Fairfield range


We set off back along the ridge, retracing our footsteps

Looking over to Helvelyn and the Fairfield Horseshoe with Codale Tarn and Easedale in the foreground


Pam taking a breather – waiting for us to catch up!


Then the steep descent down towards Easedale Tarn – Blea Crag in the background.


Getting a little closer to the tarn


Looking back towards Blea Crag  and Eagle Crag from the end of the tarn


Setting off down Sour Milk Ghyl towards Easedale



The last of the waterfalls




Looking down towards the old sheepwash


Reaching the bottom of the valley it was a relatively easy walk back to Grasmere village where a brew awaited us!

We said our goodbyes promising to visit Tasmania sometime in the future (!) and set off for home. Another good day walking in the Lakes and really nice to combine that with catching up with a friend we don’t get the opportunity to see so often.


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