Last week I was in Harrogate for the annual BOHS Conference. Harrogate is north of Leeds and close to the Yorkshire Dales. it came to prominence as a fashionable spa town during the Georgian period, although much of the architecture is Victorian, and today is a pleasant tourist destination. Very pretty to look at.

I was staying at the Premier Inn, which was to one side of the once grand Majestic Hotel. This was the view from my room on a sunny Tuesday morning.


As usual, there wasn’t much time for sightseeing between conference sessions and social events – not helped by unseasonal cold weather. However, when I arrived Sunday evening, it was quite pleasant (if a little chilly!) and there was an hour of daylight left, so I had a quick wander round the town centre and snapped a few photos on my phone.

The Edwardian Royal Hall


It has a very spectacular golden decor and they hold free guided tours of the interior from time to time.

The Royal Baths


Much of the building has been given over to restaurants, but the original Turkish Baths have been refurbished and reopened in 2002

The old Royal Pump Room – now a museum








A memento for the Tour de France that started in Yorkshire in 2014 – there was a stage finish in Harrogate on the first day



The Tour of Yorkshire cycle race was due to start on Friday, the day after the conference ended, and second stage finish took place in the centre of Harrogate on Saturday.

The famous Bettys tea rooms – expensive tea and cakes and usually a long queue to get in.



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