Castlerigg Stone Circle

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A couple of miles to the east of Keswick town centre – all uphill – we came to the Castlerigg Neolithic stone circle..Four and a half thousand years old, with 38 stones (some claim more!) laid in a flattened circle in the middle of a field surrounded by some of England’s highest mountains with Skiddaw and Blencathra to the north and Helvelyn to the south east. The high peaks were shrouded in low cloud, but that only made it more atmospheric

It is not just its location that makes this one of the most important British stone circles; considered to have been constructed about 3000 bc, it is potentially one of the earliest in the country. Taken into guardianship in 1883, it was also one of the first monuments in the country to be recommended for preservation by the state.(English Heritage)

The land is owned by the National Trust and the monument itself is managed by English Heritage.

Being outside the holiday season, and a grey day, there were relatively few visitors, so it was a good opportunity to take a few photos.






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8 thoughts on “Castlerigg Stone Circle

  1. I have never heard of this stone circle. What a revelation! I wonder what drew the early inhabitants of England here? I wonder if there is any connection between the various stone circles throughout England? Stunning location for sure!

    • There are a number of stone circles and other neolithic structures in and near the Lake District. Castlerigg is probably the best known and most visited due to being so close to Keswick.
      The landscape would have been different when it was created as the hills would have been forested. But it’s certainly a stunning location in a natural ampitheatre. The creators must have been inspired by the landscape.
      There are many theories about what these structures were for – I think they were meeting places also used for ceremonies. But their use may even have changed over the centuries

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