A Cold, Grey Day at the YSP

P1220390 (2)

When we were over at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the new Year’s Bank Holiday Iwe splashed out and bought a print from Flights of Memory the exhibition of works by Angela Harding: Mid week, while I was working away in Ireland, I received a phone call telling me that it had come back from being framed and was ready for collection. So Sunday we decided to drive over to pick it up and have a walk round the Country Park. The Not Vital exhibition finished at the beginning of the month and there was nothing on at the Longside or Bothy Galleries either, but I fancied getting some fresh air and stretching my legs in pleasant countryside after a week stuck indoors working and travelling. And it’s always good to see the sculptures dotted around the park, even if they are quite familiar after our many visits over the past few years.

It was a cold, grey day but there was no wind or rain to speak of, so after parking up (on the overflow car park as, to our surprise, there were plenty of visitors) and having a bite to eat we set off for a walk down the hill towards the lakes at the bottom of the valley. We’d decided to circumnavigate them and then make our way through the park back up to the shop to collect the print.

P1220393 (2)

I like the decorative features on the bridge


The view up the Lower Lake

P1220397 (2)

Walking along the south bank of the Lower Lake we passed some highland cattle


Not so keen on those horns but she was placid enough.

This sculpture was relocated from the other side of the lake last year

P1220404 (2)

Woodland Spirit – Diana by Lucy and Jorge Orta

P1220404 (2)

We rather liked the new setting in the water.

We crossed the dam and carried on along the south shore of the Upper Lake, passing Red Slate Line by Richard Long




At the end of the Upper Lake we passed this landlocked boathouse


Inside was Eddy by JocJonJosch


This obelisk stands the woods on the north shore,


Tread Pad by James Capper at the bottom end of the Upper Lake by the Cascade Bridge.


We continued along the path following the north shore of the Lower Lake

Looking past Promenade by Anthony Caro towards Bretton Hall


A heron was perched on a branch in the Lower Lake


Reaching the two works by David Nash towards the far end of the Upper Lake

49 Square

P1220423 (2)

and Black Mound


Cutting back across the field where a number of sculptures by local lad Henry Moore are displayed

P1220426 (2)

Cutting across the lower fieldrh

Shogun by Philip King


However Incongruous, a three-dimensional rendition of Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros woodcut by Raqs Media Collective.


Almost back to the main building we passed a collection of Joan Miro sculptures


Time for a flat white before collecting our print from the shop and heading off home.

Now we need to decide where we’re going to hang it!

14 thoughts on “A Cold, Grey Day at the YSP

    • Several Henry Moore sculptures in fact and also two major works by Barbara Hepworth (another local) plus numerous other sculptures by well known artists. All set in a lovely Country Park. So you’re absolutely right Susanne! 😊

  1. Really enjoyed the walk……but even more so, I love Angela Hardings work, everyone buys her birthday cards for me…..I love them I have them in my kitchen 🙂

  2. I know the feeling! We have several pictures waiting to be hung but no space. It means a major reorganisation, which means reprinting the walls, which means it never gets done!

    Always enjoy YSP posts. Will get there someday.

  3. I love Red Slate Line. Looking a little battered now though! Lovely photo of Black Mound although I’d like to point out that I’ve been planting trees in grids for years now!

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