Saturday at the Noordermarkt


The Noordermarkt (“Northern Market”) is a square in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam next to the Noorderkerk. Every Saturday there’s a busy Farmers’ market in the square.








The produce was extremely inviting and I could have spent a fortune on fresh fruit, veg, mushrooms and cheese. Don’t think they’d have survived the trip home on Easyjet, though!


9 thoughts on “Saturday at the Noordermarkt

    • Well, Why isn’t that a surprise!!! We continue to follow ech other around! If I remember rightly you’ve also stayed in a hotel just a few doors away from the one we stayed in on the Herengracht last year. This time as my main reason for the trip was business I was staying in the southern area a tram ride from the centre.

    • Like you, I like these smaller, more intimate houses.
      I’ll see if I can sus problem with the other post. Am away so working on my phone so may not be successful.

  1. The first time we went to Amsterdam we discovered Gouda with cumin seed and always buy some when we are there – and even if we are not. John passes through Schipol on business occasionally (it’s a better hub for us than Heathrow) and brings it back. I’m almost as pleased as when he brings chocolate! And it lasts longer.

    • Real Dutch cheese is very good. I pinch fee samples when they have them out so I’m sure I’ve tried the cumin one!
      I’ve transited via Schipol before as I prefer it to Heathrow (not that I do many long haul flights) but they have failed to get my bag on the connecting plane twice (out of about 6 times). Has John had that problem? I hear on the grapevine they have a bad record for this.

      • No, I think the only problems he’s had have been at Heathrow, two of them when I’ve been there. I don’t care too much on the way home (puts off dealing with the dirty washing!) but it was a pain on the way out.

      • I think it’s probably a problem with any big airport where there’s a big distance between where one plane comes in and the other leaves. It’s happened to me once going out and once coming back. I agree about the washing butit’s a pain when you’ve bought presents and put them in the checked bag, as I did, as it delays the joy of distributing them.

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