Up on the moors

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so in the afternoon we decided to make the short drive over to Anglezarke to take a walk up on the moors. This was my stomping ground when I was a teenager. I spent many an hour up here, sometimes with friends and sometimes on my own walking our pet dog. It’s a wild, desolate place, only a few miles from several south west Lancashire towns and a good place to be on a sunny afternoon.

We parked at the viewpoint overlooking Anglezarke Reservoir, with views right across the Lancashire plain down to the sea. Visibility was reasonably good and we could just make out the Welsh and Cumbrian hills on the horizon.

Taking the path from Jepson’s Gate we passed the remains of the ruined Neolithic burial at Pikestones.


The going was muddy underfoot s we decided against “yomping” through the boggy peat over to the Round Loaf tumulus and instead made our way over to the memorial to the Wellington bomber that crashed on the moors during WW2


where there’s a great view over to Winter Hill and Rivington Pike

We crossed over the river and followed the well defined track up onto the moor

There are several ruined farmhouses out on the moor. It must have been a lonely and desolate place to live, especially during the winter months.

There are limited opportunities to create a circular route on the moor.  There’s a good circular walk up along a ridge to Great Hill, on to White Coppice and back along Anglezarke Reservoir, but it’s a long walk and time was limited, so after a few miles we turned round and retraced our route back along the track.

Reaching Lead Mines Clough we decided to follow the river down the valley





eventually reaching the road at Allance Bridge where the River Yarrow enters the Yarrow Reservoir.

A short stroll along the road and then we took the path up through the bracken back up to the car.


9 thoughts on “Up on the moors

  1. Don’t know if it’s just me (reading vis iPad) but nearly half te photos won’t display 😦 3rd and 5th for example. However, it looks a lovely walk from what I can see of it!

    • Thanks for the tip Joy and Anabel. I was trying inserting photos from the Cloud rather than my hard disc and that seems to have caused a problem. Hopefully fixed now.

    • It is. Although plenty of people park up down near the reservoirs, very few actually get out on the moors. During 3 or 4 hours we only saw about half a dozen people – but plenty of sheep and cattle!

      • Lancashire!!!! (You know we get sensitive up here – War of the Roses and all that! BUt I have to admit Yorkshire is quite nice too)

      • Ha ha, so sorry, I read it was Lancashire, I think I just got in my head, moors are in Yorkshire….. but Lancashire is really somewhere we have never really explored, maybe we will now 🙂

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