Walk from Staveley to Potter Tarn


Last Sunday we drove over to Staveley on the edge of the Lake District. It’s somewhere we’ve previously bypassed on the way to other parts of the South Lakes but some of our relatives from the North East were staying there in a cottage for a week’s holiday so we drove up to pay them a visit.

After a rather nice dinner at the Hawkshead Brewery  Beer Hall, we decided to set out for a walk.


Starting from Barley Bridge we took a path between some houses and through a gate that took us onto a grassy hillside.


The hill was quite steep in parts but as we climbed great views opened up down the valley to our left


Reaching the top of the hill, there was a good view towards the fells (Brunt Knot?)

IMAG5459 (2)

Reaching the farm we turned right along a track before taking the next left turning, passing another farm, before crossing a stream and turning right. The path soon took us up another hill towards our destination – Potter Tarn.

Looking back we could see the “blue remembered hills” of the Coniston Fells, Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and the Langdale Pikes on the horizon.

DSC09518 (2)

After a short, brisk climb we reached the tarn


We retraced our steps back down the hill but turned right, making our way down the track towards the River Kent.

We passed this old farm building. It looked derelict from the back but was still occupied


Eventually we reached the woodland by the side of the river. We followed the path downstream, intending to cross over to the other side by crossing the bridge marked on the OS map. But when we reached the appropriate location it wasn’t there – washed away by flood waters


We walked back towards the quiet minor road


and followed it in the direction of Staveley – upstream.

About half way back tot he village we took the path that cut through fields beside the river


Eventually reaching the village


We returned to the cottage for a welcoming brew. It had been  less strenuous  than other recent walks, but still enjoyable. And it had introduced us to an area of Lakeland we hadn’t previously visited. We’ll have to explore further in the future.




6 thoughts on “Walk from Staveley to Potter Tarn

    • Yes Susanne, it does look rather a wreck. I was surprised when we walked round the other side and could see someone was living there. However, it was in much better condition and looked livable that side.

      • I know it’s the wrong location, but the setting makes me think of Thomas Hardy’s novels. So enjoy your photography and your rambles. Please don’t stop!

      • Well, I guess the lower lying parts of the walk, shown in some of the photos, are not unlike parts of the Dorset countryside. But there is nothing like the high Cumbrian fells down south. But both counties do have beautiful countryside

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