Sculpture in Lyme Regis

Later this year, Lyme Regis will be holding its annual Arts Fest.

In preparation for the main event, the organisers have started to install a Sculpture Trail featuring works by local artists, with additional pieces to be added during the summer. We saw quite a few of them as we explored the town during our holiday.

This work was the first we spotted as it was just down the road from the cottage where we were staying. It’s on the display in the garden of the cottage at 1 Mill Green


Fish Boy by Gerta Berlin

These works are all on show in Langmoor Gardens


Wolf by Clare Trenchard


Skateboarder by Gerta Berlin


Ripple by Michael Fairfax


Trapeze by Clare Trenchard


DSC09159 (2)

Lost Identity by Gerta Berlin


Cirrus and Cumulus by Michael Fairfax



A work inspired by the local landscape, located on the South sea wall


A Landscape in Transition (from Nlack Venn to Stonebarrow) by Michael Calder

You can download a map showing the location of the sculptures from the event website

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