Industrial Yorkshire

Three paintings of industrial landscapes from the exhibition of Yorkshire: Hepworth, Moore and the Landscape exhibition currently showing at the Hepworth, Wakefield.

Millscape, Batley by Cynthia May Kenny with the rows of terraced houses in amongst factory buildings could be in almost any industrial town in the North of England or Midlands.

Millscape Batley Cynthia May Kenny (2) 

Industrial Landscape, Wakefield by Druie Bowett who was born in Ripon and studied in York. She died in 1999. This painting dominated by power station cooling towers and electricity pylons has both figurative and abstract aspects

Industrial Landscape Wakefield Druie Bowett (2)

as does Paper Mill, Men and Paper Bales by Prunella Clough

Paper Mill, Men and Paper Bales, Prunella Clough (2) 

Perhaps not surprising as the Tate’s website tells us

Her early work is characterised by the proletarian subject-matter of labour and the urban landscape described within a narrow tonal range. Towards the end of her life she became regarded largely as an abstractionist, but her work always retained a figurative base


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