Samuel Beckett Bridge


This attractive, dramatic structure is one of the newest bridges over the River Liffey in Dublin. It’s located at the east end of the city, connecting the quays north and south of the river near the docks. I pass it every time I drive to and from Dublin port during my fairly regular trips to Ireland. During my visit this week I went into Dublin on Tuesday after work to watch a play at the Abbey Theatre. After braving some horrendous traffic along the quays I arrived with an hour to spare. It was a lovely evening and so having been stuck in the car for over an hour I decided to take a walk along the quays to stretch my legs. I snapped this photograph from another modern bridge, the Sean O’Casey footbridge.

Opened on December 10th 2009, the bridge was designed by the Spanish architect, structural engineer and artist, Santiago Calatrava. It’s a cable stay structure, designed to rotate ninety degrees to free the river channel for water transport crossing the river.

The shape of the main span was inspired by the harp, the Irish national symbol. And with the 31 cable stays it supports, I can certainly see the resemblance when viewed from a distance,

Calatrava has designed bridges for cities all over the word, including one in Manchester. I’ll have to go and have a closer look at it sometime.

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