Another walk along the shore in Sunderland

During our short break in Sunderland last weekend we stopped for a couple of nights with a relative who lives near Roker Park, close to the south end of the beach that stretches north to Whitburn. On Sunday, we wanted to visit some other family members who live in Marsden, not far from the Souter lighthouse. It was promising to be a nice day so we decided to walk the few miles along the coast. When we attempted a similar walk over the Easter weekend, we were thwarted by a very heavy downpour. But this time there were no problems.

It was sunny when we set off but when we reached the Prom sea mist was rolling  obscuring the view of the south pier and lighthouse


It was rolling in and out on the wind, making for some atmospheric views of the beach.




As we proceeded north, the mist was dispersing and “burnt off”


although it was still lingering somewhat out at sea.


At the end of the beach, we followed the path along the cliffs passing several smaller coves. We spotted this man made circle of stones in one of them.




After spending a few hours with our relatives we set back, retracing our steps.


It was a beautiful day, if a little chilly down on the beach due to the sea breeze



The local council are doing a lot of work renovating and refreshing the prom


The tide was in when we reached Roker


And the mist had gone – so we had a clear view of the south pier and lighthouse from the prom.


9 thoughts on “Another walk along the shore in Sunderland

  1. Very Turneresque to begin with but then brightened up considerably. Lovely to have some sea air. I miss living so far (about as far as you can get in both directions) from the sea. Was that the NT Souter Lighthouse? I never imagined it on the end of a pier. Would like to visit one day.

    • No. That’s the lighthouse at the entry to the Wear port. Souter lighthouse is north of Sunderland in Marsden which is at the north end of Whitburn (where my wife was born). We didn’t quite maket to the Souter lighthouse this time as the relatives we were visiting live a few hundred yards to the south of it. Afterwards we didn’t have timeto visit as we had to get back to see another relative
      I wrote up a post following a visit a few years ago
      It’s well worth a visit f you’re ever in the area.

    • You’re certainly right. 😉. Every time I walk along this route it looks different. And it’s hard to believe that this coastline is in what most people would consider to be an industrial area.

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