Art Nouveau in Anderston


Heading back to my hotel after my walk along the Clyde, I spotted this very distinctive Art Nouveau style building in amongst the modern housing blocks, so I wandered over for a closer look.

It’s a solid almost fortress like building – a strong Scottish Baronial influence – but with a number of decorative features, including sculpture and mosaics, very typical of the Art Nouveau style on the front of the building. The side elevation is plainer, no doubt as they would have been less visible when it was built as I expect that it would be hemmed in by other buildings across a narrow street.



The decoration above and around the front doorway was particularly elaborate, as was the cast iron gate (I assume that this is original).


The writing above the door revealed that this was originally a branch of the Savings Bank of Glasgow and some research on the web revealed that it was built between 1899 and1900, and was designed by James Salmon, junior and J Gaff Gillespie (Salmon, Son and Gillespie), with sculpture by Albert Hodge.

The sculptural elements and mosaic above the door are particularly fine.



There’s some information about the building, which is Grade A Listed, here and here.

It’s always a pleasure to come across something unexpected during a walk.

3 thoughts on “Art Nouveau in Anderston

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  2. Glasgow has some wonderful buildings – the ones which escaped the 60s planners that is! I’m glad you found your stay interesting – if you’re ever back let us know and we could show you some of the non-city centre areas if you have time. (When you were here, counting back, it was when I was at my mother’s for four days when she was having new windows so it wouldn’t have worked this time, but another time it might).

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