Taghadoe Round Tower


I took a short diversion from my route from Clane back to Dublin to catch the ferry on Friday to take a look at the round tower at Taghadoe, near Maynooth in Kildare.

There were a couple of workers maintaining the grounds and I stopped to have a brief chat. One of them gave me a leaflet that told the history of the site.

Taghadoe means “the house of Saint Tua”  and the tower is located at the site of a monastery founded by Tua, whose full name was Ultan Tua or Ultan the Silent, and who originally belonged to the monastery in Clane. The monastery buildings are long gone and only the tower remains. The ruined church it stands next to was only built in 1839, being abandoned  38 years later in 1869.


The tower, which is built of limestone and granite, is 9 feet wide at the base and currently stands 65 feet tall, although it would have been higher when it was constructed.


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