A walk along the shore at Sunderland


Over the weekend we went up to Sunderland for a family celebration. We stayed in a nice B and B on the seafront at Seaburn and found some time to take a walk along the coast. Although it’s very much an industrial town, Sunderland has a fantastic beach and coastline stretching from Roker through Seaburn and then on to Whitburn.






We walked along the prom from Roker as far as Latimers fish shop and cafe, at the edge of Whitburn, where we stopped for a bite to eat. Service in the cafe can be rather slow, but the seafood is excellent.


After finishing our meal we set off back along the coastal path intending to walk as far as Souter lighthouse.



But when we reached Whitburn high school, dark clouds looming and we thought we’d better set back to our B and B. Unfortunately, not long after we turned back the rain came don. That’s an understatement. It was raining heavily and the wind blowing from the south meant we were walking into it so got rather wet.

Only a couple of hours later the rain clouds had passed over and e were treated to a bright interlude and a blue sky and North Sea.


The tide was in by now and the waves were battering against the Prom




4 thoughts on “A walk along the shore at Sunderland

  1. My wife’s parents came from Sunderland and that side of the family still all live in the area. Her mother grew up in Whitburn where her father (wife’s grandfather) worked down the pit at Marsden colliery. One of her cousins now lives in a house overlooking Roker Park.

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