Return to Galway


I’ve just got back from a visit to Galway on the west coast of Ireland. It was a return visit – I was there last year for a couple of days. Like last year, I’d been invited to run a workshop at the University – It was good to know that I must have done a good enough job to warrant a return visit.

I flew from Manchester to Dublin and then picked up a coach to take me to Galway. A three hour journey. It was sunny, but very cold, when I left Manchester but was greeted by dark grey skies and VERY heavy rain on my arrival in the west of Ireland.


Tuesday afternoon was something of a washout but I’m glad to say that the weather improved for the rest of my stay.

The heavy rain over the preceding weeks meant that the Corrib river was running deep, fast and turbulent.





Most of Wednesday was devoted to running my workshop at the University,


but I had a couple of half days plus a few hours on the Wednesday to have a mooch around. Galway is quite small, but there is plenty to see. It was good to wander round and revisit some of the places I saw last year, but I also managed to take in a few new sights.

Sheltering from the rain in the Eyre Square shopping centre I came across this preserved section of the old city walls



I never realised it was there!

Otherwise, most of he sights were familiar

The Long Walk, shot at dusk


Looking over to the Claddagh


The Cathedral


Rowers on the river near to the University


Buskers in Shop Street


Colourful and interesting shops




6 thoughts on “Return to Galway

    • Thanks Anabel. The Claddagh photo was a lucky shot. Calm water in the quay and interesting light at dusk.
      I like Galway. An interesting town if a little touristy. I had wanted to visit for some time, especially as I have a friend who lives there. Would love to get out and explore the coast and countryside and go out to the Aran islands. Unfortunately my visits have been at the wrong time of year for that.

      • My knowledge of Ireland doesn’t tend much beyond Dublin and one trip to the Ring of Kerry. Northern Ireland, not at all. They’re both on our doorstep so we should make more effort!

  1. Galway is one of a kind. Have you ever been there during July, when the Arts Festival is on – we go every year for a weekend. There was a time when I thought of moving to Galway, but the constant rain would kill me :-).

    • Unfortunately my two visits have been in February and March. I’ve been asked back to the University next year but it will be during the late winter months again ☹☹:-( but I will visit during the summer some time. I would particularly like to be there for the festival. Does the accomodation not get very booked up and expensive then?

      • It does indeed. All the student accommo is empty in July so the capacity is greater. We usually stay in the Adare Guesthouse or if full there is a decent hostel in town, not sure what name. The Film Fleadh fest is also great.

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