A winter’s walk in the Lake District


For the last few years we’ve taken the opportunity in January to take a shot city break, in London for the last 3 years and in Cambridge in 2012. During last year I made quite a lot of trips to London and so didn’t feel like spending more time there, so we decided to try and take a short break in the Lake District. By the end of last week the whether didn’t look too promising and we had snow on Saturday, so we decided against booking in somewhere but to “play it by ear”, and on Monday set off up the M6, not quite sure what we’d do, but with our boots in the boot of the car in case we had the opportunity to go for a walk.

As we drove north the weather looked reasonably promising. Cloudy and a little misty but it didn’t look like there’d be rain or snow so we decided to chance a familiar low level walk and so headed over to Rydal Water. We parked up and set off on the route we’d walked last February along the two small lakes of Rydal Water and Grasmere.

The fells were blanked with snow and the paths were covered with snow and “slush”, so were slippery, although walkable with care.


Like last year, we crossed the river over to the west side of Rydal Water. There are two paths, one slightly higher up the side of the hill and the other lower down, that follow the length of the lake. We too the higher one first and then descending to take the lower one back along the shore of the lake.




We then carried on along Loughrigg Terrace, descending down towards the road to Grasmere.




We passed Allen Bank, one of the houses in the vicinity where Wordsworth used to live. Now owned by the National Trust, it was shut for the winter.


We stopped off in the village for a brew and a cake and then headed back along the west shore of the lake and then along the river back to the car. It was starting to get dark for the last half hour and the photos I took using my phone camera took on a rather atmospheric blue tint – probably due to a combination of the bright snow covered landscape and low light levels. But we’d timed it well and got back to the car before darkness descended.






A good 9 mile stroll.

8 thoughts on “A winter’s walk in the Lake District

    • Thanks Anabel. Grasmere village was very quiet. Of course, it is winter so that is to be expected but I yhinkmitvwas probably quieter than normal. The A501 was certainly quiet but there was no through traffic as it is closed beyond Grasmere. It’s not scheduled to reopen until May. Of course, if it was in the South East of England it would probably be sorted by now

      • I’ve seen pictures of the road, it’s awful. I think they are very worried about losing business – it would give us a long detour to get there which we’d probably accept, but a driver with a coach load of tourists might just go elsewhere.

  1. I was in the Lake District once, cannot remember exactly where, donkeys years ago. We hired a cottage for a few days, loved it.

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