Niamh O’Malley: Glasshouse


While we were in Liverpool last Sunday we called into the Bluecoat . We never know quite what we’ll see in the Gallery which shows contemporary works, and have been pleasantly surprised. This was the case on Sunday when we were fortunate to catch the final day of Glasshouse, an exhibition of works by the Irish artist Niamh O’Malley.

She works in different media and the works on display included videos, drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

O’Malley’s work is distinctive for her use of reflective surfaces such as mirror and glass through which images are constructed, revealed and obscured. (Bluecoat website)

Many of the works were abstract pieces created from glass, of particular interest to me having spent the first 11 years of my working life employed by a glass manufacturer.


No photographs are allowed at Bluecoat exhibitions (I’ve pinched a few from the Bluecoat website for this post), but the works displayed are shown on the artist’s website and the Bluecoat’s



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