Dazzle Ferry


I finally managed to catch (but not literally) the Mersey Dazzle Ferry yesterday as it pulled out of the Pier Head terminal in Liverpool.

The jazzy design was created by Sir Peter Blake as part of the First World War commemorations and was inspired by the Dazzle camouflage used on merchant ships transporting goods across the Atlantic during the First World War as a way of confusing U-boats. Dazzle, unlike more usual forms of camouflage, wasn’t intended to conceal a ship but to confuse the enemy – to make it difficult for the enemy to estimate its type, size, speed, and heading by disrupting their visual rangefinders. The technique was inspired by the Vorticist art movement. Many of the “Dazzle ships” were painted in Liverpool dockyards.


2 thoughts on “Dazzle Ferry

  1. I managed to take a ride on this in November when I was in Liverpool for work. Appreciated the history commentary and even the blast of ‘Ferry cross the Mersey’ at every stop. Lovely way to get a broader view of the city (as well as Birkenhead and New Brighton)

    • I took many a trip on the ferry “over the water” back in the mid 70’s when it was a proper part of the Merseyside transport network. I remember people (though not me of course) hiding in the toilets when the inspector came round to check tickets.

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