Beyond Limits 2015


Last year we visited the annual exhibition of sculpture organised by Sotheby’s in the grounds at Chatsworth. We enjoyed it so decided to visit again this year. So last Saturday we drove over to Chatsworth and spent a pleasant, sunny, autumn afternoon wandering around the grounds.

This year’s exhibition was the tenth and to celebrate Sotheby’s invited Tim Marlow, Artistic Director of the Royal Academy and well known as a TV pundit, to be guest curator.

For this year’s ‘Beyond Limits,’ Marlow has organized an impressive array of British sculpture from 1950 to the present. His choices reflect the seismic shifts in British art, a journey in 30 sculptures from such totemic figures as Anthony Caro to contemporary artists like Sarah Lucas.

There weren’t so many works by unfamiliar, new talents on show, which was a little disappointing. It’s always good to make new discoveres. I did like the Hepworth pieces (always do) which were nicely sited although they were familiar works – the one from the Family of Man especially, they have a full set at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I thought he cheated, too, by including some of Chatsworth’s own pieces that are permanantly of display – the Richard Long Cornish Slate path and the Barry Flanagan Hare. But, overall, we enjoyed it and had good weather too.

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